Waste Management
Tracking Solution for Operational Efficiency, 
Performance Improvements & Resource Planning

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"PIN is great for our company, profits and our environment. Our RoRo business is now delivering record numbers and PIN has been instrumental in this." 

Work in New Ways

Real-time Visibility

Gain real-time visibility across your skip and vehicle fleet to enable digital transformation on a large scale.

Vehicle Tracking (GPS) - See the location of your vehicles in real-time or view route maps.

Container Tracking - See real-time locations of your skips and RoRo's. View when and where all your containers were delivered.

Job Tracking - View all the jobs completed by each vehicle. Alerted when a job has taken an inefficient amount of time to complete or when a driver has taken an inefficient route. 

View Container Availability - See how much stock is at depot or at customer. View by location and by container type.

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We turn real-time data into actionable insights and reports so that you can improve the performance and efficiency of your waste operations.

Service Frequency - Identify slow moving containers, see where they are and how long they have been there.

Damage Report - See which containers require a repair. View by fault and by level of damage. 

KPI Report - See performance trend data so you can plan ahead.

Weekly PIN Insights - Our data analysts provide you with operational insights and efficiency improving suggestions so that you can make data driven decisions.

Waste Operators, did you know...

You Can Avoid Purchasing New Containers

You have on average 40% more containers than you actually need.

You Can Increase the Utilisation of your Containers

30-50% of your customers don't have the containers you think they have.

You can Create Capacity for Growth

30-40% of your containers are not serviced for at least a month.

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Poor container and vehicle visibility has been choking the waste industry for decades

The problems that come with it eat their way into your revenue, efficiency, productivity and customer service.

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