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PIN was created in 2018 with a mission to transform the visibility, control and performance of RoRo and Skip operations.


The waste industry depends on millions of containers that collect waste from customers for recycling, and vehicle fleets that move them around. 


Our data shows that waste operators have poor visibility of how many containers they have, where they are located and how long they have been on site with customers. The associated transport operations are difficult to measure and control and are inevitably inefficient. The result is large scale excess cost, missed revenue and compromised customer service.


The PIN Solution provides a real time, digital view of operations. Every vehicle and container movement is digitally captured. Services delivered at customer sites are automatically registered. Problems are immediately alerted and can be investigated via a single click. An intuitive map-based interface provides the waste operator with the visibility and insight to make better decisions. The outcome is an easier operation to manage, along with improved performance across a range of metrics. 


The solution combines tracking devices that are retro-fitted to containers and vehicles, software designed specifically for the waste industry and full life support that delivers a seamless adoption process and a strong return on investment.