PIN Solution

Digital view of operations

Containers and vehicles are fitted with low power tracking devices, giving each a unique digital identity. 

Comp 1 Back up.gif

Every movement tracked

Movements between all locations are automatically tracked in real time and presented to the operator in an intuitive, map-based interface.

Real time data

All movements and operational jobs are digitally captured, monitored and updated as they happen.

Movements Digitally Captured.gif
Problems Alerted.gif

Investigate problems 

Operations are continuously monitored. Time and mileage variances are alerted in real time and can be investigated in just one click. 

Customer & depot

Live dashboards for each location are accessed via a single mouse click, displaying container balances, service frequency, jobs completed and turnaround times.

Customer - Depot Dashboards.gif

New industry KPI's

Configurable reporting on containers at customer, service frequency, jobs completed and transport efficiency provide a unique tool for proactive planning and performance monitoring.