Can't locate your skips or RoRo's?

Here's why....

Waste operators, did you know that 30-50% of your customers don't have the containers that you think they have?

Running a skip operation without accurate data as to where they actually are is a problem that costs the industry hundreds of £ millions.

There are a number of high quality operating systems that waste companies rely on to manage their operations. Through no fault of their own, they aren’t able to provide an accurate view of skip inventory or location.

Without a digital identity, your skips and RoRo's can't be booked on to a job. And unlike the vehicles that carry them around, containers have never been tracked. Therefore, your system assumes that the container follows the job, which mostly it does, but you lose visibility of it.

The system you use is only as good as the data that is entered into it. Over time a big discrepancy builds up between what containers the operator thinks should be out at customer and what they actually have.

This leads to recurring problems that are well known:

  • The containers you can't see sit at sites, not generating sales

  • Customers often have the wrong container type, that don’t turn quickly enough

  • You struggle for availability, so you purchase more

  • You don't have the capacity to sell, so you can’t take full advantage of peak season

  • You can't respond quickly to sales enquiries, so you lose out to competitors

  • You don't know what capacity you have, so you can’t plan for the future

How do you solve the problem?

Your operations are fast-moving, so you need real time visibility. Which means tracking your containers. To see and action the data you need software. Sounds complicated?

Here at PIN, we have created a revolutionary tracking and software solution that gives you full visibility of your containers.

We supply and fit low power tracking devices for each container, quickly and with no operational disruption. Every container is given a unique digital identity, from which point every container movement, collection and delivery is automatically tracked and presented to you via the PIN software - all in real time.

You will know exactly how many containers you have, where they are and how often they are serviced. Slow movers can be targeted proactively, enabling you to create spare capacity for growth, instantly respond to enquiries and increase your sales.

Trend data means you can easily understand where you are now and plan for the future.

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Our customers love it.

"Because we always have RoRo's available, we can be more responsive to our customers. We're able to deliver the size they want, exactly when they need it. Instead of searching for stock or having to turn they down."

– Gavin Leverett, MD of Fletchers Waste Management

Transitioning to real time, digital visibility can have a profound impact on your business.

Contact us for more information and a solution demo.

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