Container & Transport Management System Built to Improve Waste Operations

Poor operational visibility has always been a problem for the waste industry. RoRo and Skip

operators don’t know how many containers they have and are unsure as to where up to half of them are located. The problem exists in every waste operation we have seen and has a serious impact on performance.

We have developed a unique solution to address these challenges for the industry; our ‘digital view of operations’. Each container and vehicle is fitted with a low power tracking device and a unique digital signature. From this point forward, every movement and job is automatically tracked.

The operator can see exactly how many containers they have, where they are located, how they are moving and how often they stay on site between collections. Balances are updated in real time. Our ‘Live Operations’ software shows the precise location of your vehicles, which containers they are carrying, captures each collection and delivery, and measures how long each journey and job takes to complete. Inconsistencies are immediately flagged and can be investigated with a single click.

The solution enables the waste operator to optimise day to day operations – oversee drivers and the completion of jobs, manage container availability and respond instantly to problems. Visibility of each container means that collection frequency can be monitored and improved.

We also bring clarity to the bigger picture – how much vehicle and container capacity do you have, how much are you using and how efficiently your resources are working for you.

The results are demonstrable, enabling the operator to increase sales, reduce costs and improve customer service. The solution pays for itself quickly and will deliver a strong return on investment.

Our customers love it. As Gavin Leverett, MD of Fletchers Waste Management explains:

"Our ability to see exactly what we have, where it is, address slow movers and oversee our transport operations more effectively will make a big difference to our business. We have already deployed the solution across our RoRo fleet and will be following up with our skips later in the year."

Watch the video below to see our software in action.

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