Does container theft keep you up at night?

Maybe it’s because I’m trapped in the waste bubble we all inhabit, that I’m still surprised at the reaction of people that have no connection with our industry (other than putting the bin out every Tuesday morning) when I speak about container theft.

“Who would want to nick a skip?” is the usual (more polite) response accompanied by a guffawing noise.

Worryingly that was also the response of The Police when I reported a container theft a few years ago!

We can look at enhanced container security, can’t we?

The Skip Lock for example, whilst an excellent deterrent, can be nothing more than a hindrance to the determined thieves.

If thieves want to take the skip, they will usually find a way to do so. Let’s face it they normally come prepared! Containers on an open unmanned sites (especially at weekends and night times) are particularly vulnerable. Due to the delay between the theft taking place and you finding out the chance of recovering the container is next to none.

Hang on, I hear you say, “just bill the client for the cost of replacement, it’s in the T&Cs” (that’s okay I suppose, if there is a contract in place).

Previously when working as an account manager, I had to advise my client of a bill for £4K, to replace the RoRo stolen from his premises. Not the best meeting I’ve had. It certainly didn’t help develop the long-term relationship with the customer that’s for sure. In these challenging times many customers simply can’t/won’t pay for replacing your containers. Do you really want to be writing off valuable assets due to theft?

What if you could avoid those tricky conversations with your customer with the knowledge that the container, they had on hire from you was fitted with a tracking device? Our platform notifies you immediately of any unauthorised movements of your asset, enabling you to locate where it has been taken to.

A client’s RoRo skip was removed without permission, we were able to pinpoint the container’s new location and the operator was able to recover without loss. Both our client and their customer were delighted with the outcome.

No uncomfortable conversation required. You may have read my previous blog where we mentioned slow moving containers: For you and us this identifies underutilised assets.

To skip thieves, they are a natural soft target as often they assume the operator has forgotten about them and won’t be missed if they are removed.

Invariably it could be sometime before their disappearance has been noticed.

Chances of retrieving the stolen container? At PiN-IoT we can provide you with the peace of mind that each of your assets are tracked and are able to provide you with real time location of your containers with the ability to recover greatly enhanced. Interested? Please message me, or email us at

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