New Technology to Improve the Efficiency and the Performance of HWRC's

The PIN team have invested a lot of time into understanding the competing demands and the challenges that come with running HWRC operations and have worked closely with Angus Council to develop a real-time visibility solution that enables digital transformation on a large scale.


Fluctuating Demand Depending on the weather and the time of year, the demand for HWRC services can get bigger, making it difficult to predict. Having no historical trends of activity means that councils can’t see how much waste is coming and when it fluctuates; this makes resourcing decisions for HWRC operators a real challenge.

Transport Planning

No real-time visibility as to where demand is arising at each site and having no clear picture of how your vehicles are being utilised makes it difficult to accurately match transport capacity with demand.

Container Visibility

Because your containers are not digitally tracked, you're unable to receive real-time information about them. This is things like location, how long they have been there, how often they are serviced, how many of each container type you have at depot / each site, etc.

This lack of visibility means that you struggle for containers and as a result you spend capital buying more, you spend time and money trying to locate them or you have to make service interruptions to make one available.

Manual Systems

Operation systems are typically planned and delivered using manual processes - without tracking data, your system is unable to provide visibility and insight as to how your operations are performing.

These challenges have a very significant cost across the 1,000 HWRC’s in the UK, estimated at up to £50 million PA in excess transport and container expenditure, thousands of tonnes of CO2 produced, compromised service to HWRC users and ultimately a reduction in recycling rates.

See Better, Work Smarter with The PIN System

The PIN system delivers real-time visibility of container and vehicle operations, enabling large-scale improvements in control, performance and sustainability for HWRC's.

PIN's tracking devices have a 7-year battery life and are made from super-strong, fibre-reinforced resin that will withstand the rigours of your operational environment. The devices are fitted to containers and vehicles quickly, with no operational disruption. From this point forward each container and vehicle is given a unique, digital identity, enabling them to become digitally traceable.

The trackers work in combination with PIN's waste management software which has tools and features tailored to the needs of a HWRC operator. You can view container, vehicle and job data via various maps, tables and reports. Our data insights enable you to identify new opportunities, make targeting decisions, plan ahead and ultimately grow your waste management business.

Since deploying the solution, Angus have been able to operate more efficiently and sustainably whilst making cost efficiencies and improving customer service. Download the case study below for more information:

Angus Case Study
Download • 1.63MB

Get in touch for more info or to arrange a solution demo here.

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