How To Improve The Efficiency Of Your HWRC Operations

PIN has invested a lot of time into understanding the competing demands and daily challenges that come with running HWRC operations.

Fluctuating demand, poor operational visibility and using manual systems all play a role in having a negative effect on productivity, performance and service read more here.

The impact of these challenges:

  • Significant costs, estimated up to £50 million PA in excess transport and container expenditure

  • Damage to the environment, thousands of tonnes of CO2 produced

  • Compromised service to HWRC users

  • Reductions in recycling rates

What can you do?

Not only will you eliminate the extra costs, you will also decrease the general costs, improve customer service and operate more sustainably.

With the PIN solution you can increase the utilisation of your waste containers and vehicles, avoid purchasing new containers for several years, reduce transport costs, improve performance via real time activity reporting and make rational decisions.

1. Increase the utilisation of your waste containers

  • See real time inventory at each location

  • See how containers move around

  • Ensure containers are in the right place to maintain service

  • Optimise running costs

2. Improve vehicle utilisation

  • Measure the utilisation of each vehicle

  • Plan more effectively

  • Minimise downtime

  • Filter by date and vehicle

3. Improve performance via real time activity reporting

  • Know exactly how your operations are performing

  • Waste consignments by site and waste type

  • View time and milage to complete each job

  • Leverage historical data to plan resources more efficienty

Want to know more about the PIN solution? Get in touch here.

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