PIN IoT Announces Partnership with VWS

PIN IoT and VWS Software Solutions have entered into an exciting new partnership to integrate real time tracking of Ro-Ro’s and Skips into the PurGo platform.

Despite large scale advances in the adoption of new technology across the industry, fleets of these critical assets are still managed via a manual process. Waste operators typically don’t know how many they have or where they are, how many are available to service demand, how long they have been on site at customer or what condition they are in. Containers are lost and stolen in large quantities, often not in the right place at the right time to serve customers, commercially under-utilised and frequently not in a safe condition to do their job effectively.

The result is large scale cost inefficiency that also impacts revenue and the ability to serve customers.

New technology is now able to solve the problem. Low cost, low power tracking devices are retrofitted to containers, delivering automated real time visibility that means the waste industry is able to:

  • Improve container utilisation and operational efficiency

  • Avoid the need to purchase replacement containers for up to 10 years

  • Create capacity for growth

  • Respond more quickly to customer enquiries

  • Identify and recover container theft

  • Take control of the costly container repair and maintenance process

  • More easily identify and action slow movers

PIN has developed this solution specifically for the waste industry. The technology will be fully integrated with PurGo, enabling the waste operator to access a new suite of functionality within the core operating system that will deliver a strong return on investment and fast payback.

PurGo is a market-leading ERP waste management software system that enables customers to effectively manage their business to maximum efficiency. It is a first choice amongst the waste industry as it allows for complete management of waste collections and management processes end-to-end.

VWS Software Solutions Managing Director Andy Mirecki commented “We have been looking for a solution to enable our customers to solve this age-old industry problem for some time. The technology is now ready and we are excited to bring the innovation to market. Data from projects already completed showcases a big opportunity for operators to reduce costs and improve overall performance”.

PIN IoT CEO Paul Byrne added "We are really excited to see the partnership with VWS and Purgo taking shape, offering new and existing customers the opportunity to access the benefits of real time container tracking as part of their core operating system"

Projects will be fully supported by the VWS and PIN teams, including on-site project management and the resources to fit devices to containers. A number of options are available to carry out small scale test projects for customers to demonstrate value.

Contact us for more information and a solution demo by emailing us at or call on 0844 818 0048.

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