PIN IoT to showcase unique new software at Letsrecycle Live

The 3rd generation of the PIN solution delivers real time, digital visibility of RoRo and skip operations, enabling a unique improvement opportunity for the waste industry.

Three years in the making, PIN V3 was developed in response to customer data showcasing the impact of poor visibility on the performance of waste operations - increased costs, reduced sales and compromised customer service.

Waste operators don’t know many containers they have or often where they are located. Meaning that skips are not available where and when needed, the ongoing need to buy more and containers the operator can’t see that don’t turn quickly enough to make money.

Transport operations are also difficult to manage. With schedules constantly changing its almost impossible to keep control of what drivers are doing which inevitably leads to more cost.

The problem arises because skips don’t have an individual identity, don’t form a part of the job booked on the system and they are not tracked. The data gets out of sync with reality, making an already difficult job almost impossible.

The PIN solution provides real time visibility and control. Containers and vehicles are assigned a unique digital identity, every movement and job is automatically tracked. The platform provides the visibility to make better decisions – ensure containers are always available, improve service frequency, oversee drivers and respond to problems instantly.

It is proven to reduce costs, increase sales and improve service to customers, and pays for itself very quickly.

Meet the PIN team on stand Q12 at Letsrecycle live on September 15-16 or visit for more information.

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