The World's First Skip Tracking Device

PIN's revolutionary skip tracker has a 7 year battery life and is made from a super-strong, fibre-reinforced resin that will withstand the rigours of your operational environment.

The devices are fitted to your skip fleet quickly and efficiently, without any operational disruption.

Each skip is given a unique, individual identity enabling them to become digitally traceable.

The skip trackers work in combination with our waste management software, which gives you actionable visibility of your skip fleet.

Accurate information about each skip is collected in real time and is presented to you via various maps, charts, tables and reports.

Not only can you can see where your skips are located at any given time, you can:

✅ See how many of each container type you have available

✅ Target slow movers

✅ View historical data so you can map demand

✅ Understand and measure capacity so you can plan ahead

✅ Respond quickly to changes in the schedule

✅ Win new business using your existing capacity

✅ Capitalise on peak season demand

✅ Increase employee productivity and reduce downtime

These combined benefits will translate into higher growth, lower costs and better return on investments.

"Our business has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds buying new skips and RoRo’s. Why would

you do that and not know where they are? The PIN solution is a no brainer.

As a business we are really passionate about sustainability. I am told it takes 4 tonnes of CO2 just to

manufacture a RoRo. We shouldn’t buy more unless we really need to. Combined with better

utilisation of our transport fleet – less miles per skip delivery – PIN is great for the company, our

profits and the environment."

– Gavin Leverett, Managing Director at Fletchers Waste Management.

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