Your Waste Management Business and the Environment

You probably didn’t know that the manufacture of a 40 Yard RoRo results in over four tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. Which is equivalent level of emissions to 4,000 miles travelled by your transport fleet.

The iron ore has probably been mined in Australia, then transported to China where it is smelted into steel before being shipped to the UK to be made into products like RoRo’s and Skips.

There are an estimated 1.5 million RoRo’s and Skips collecting waste in the UK. Which have

required a vast amount of carbon to produce. Of course, the waste industry needs enough of

these containers to do its job.

The good news is that that the industry already has more containers than it needs.

PIN’s customer data shows that waste operators don’t know how many RoRo’s and skips they have, or where up to half of them are located. There is spare inventory in your container fleet that you are not able to see, along with containers that sit at customers for extended periods of time that don’t generate a return.

PIN provides real time, digital visibility of your container and vehicle operations, creating an

average of 30% additional capacity within your existing fleet that you are not able to see today. Which means you have the capacity to grow your business, or to avoid purchasing new containers for up to 10 years.

Good for your business, and good for the environment.

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