Skip & Vehicle Tracking

Step 1: Tracking Device Installation

  • Installed quickly & efficiently by our deployment team
  • Option to fit a metal ID plate that matches the skips digital ID
  • Condition audit carried out for every skip

Step 2: Location Tracking & Smart Geofencing

  • View asset locations in real-time
  • Detect idle vehicles & wasted tips
  • Identify & recover theft

Step 3: Data Automation

  • Location, movement & service data
  • Data transformed into business analytics, reports & insights
  • No manual data entry required

Step 4: Combine with PIN’s Unique Tracking Software

  • Real-time job monitoring
  • Inventory monitoring & management
  • Business reports, insights & analytics

Combine with

  • Unique Asset Tracking Software

    • Job monitoring, alerts, investigation tools
    • Inventory reporting & management
    • Analytics & business insights
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Skip & Vehicle Tracking FAQ's

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