The waste industry's poor visibility problem

Poor container and vehicle visibility has been choking the waste industry for decades. The problems that come with it eat their way into your revenue, efficiency, productivity and customer service.

What we have found out from our customer data

Container numbers are up to 40% inaccurate

Waste operators have low visibility of how many containers they have available to run their business.


Container locations are up to 50% inaccurate

Waste operators have low visibility of where their containers are located.


30% of containers are not serviced for at least a month

Waste operators have poor visibility of slow moving containers. They sit at site, not generating any sales.


1. The container has no individual identity

So it can't be tracked.

How do you lose visibility of your containers?

2. It gets delivered to customer

But doesn't form part of the job you book on your system. 


3. Your operating system gets out of sync with reality

Manually entered data is often inaccurate. You lose visibility of your container until your customer requests a collection.

The effect poor visibility has on your operations

The containers you can't see

Sit at customer sites, not generating any sales.

You don't have the capacity to sell

So you can't take full advantage of the peak season.

Customers often have the wrong container type

That don't turn quickly enough

You can't respond quickly  to sales enquiries 

So you lose business to competitors.

You struggle for availability

So you purchase more containers.

You don't know what capacity you have

So you can't plan ahead.