Vehicle Fleet Tracking

Improve Visibility Using Waste Management Fleet Tracking

  • Live view of drivers carrying out the plan
  • Respond quickly to schedule changes
  • Automated alerts when a journey or site visit takes too long
  • Tools to investigate exceptions
  • Digital maps of every vehicle shift
  • Oversee job completion
  • Monitor driver performance
  • Automated alerts with 1 click investigation

Oversee job completion

  • Tools to investigate service exceptions

Monitor driver performance

  • Oversee routes
  • Respond immediately to deviations
  • Intervene in real time to problems or non compliance
  • Tools to investigate journey exceptions

Automated alerts with 1 click investigation

  • Time and mileage variances alerted automatically
  • Tools to investigate exceptions
  • Respond by exception to optimise performance

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What our customers say about PIN

Gavin Leverett
MD, Fletchers Waste Management
Sean Harley
Operations Director, NWH